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Bill Daddis magnet at roverclub.org
Thu Sep 16 02:21:44 BST 2004

On 15 Sep 04, at 12:43, Linda & Ben Rodgers wrote:

> Hi Bill
>         Linda and I have attended at least twice from PEI, its a great
> show, always lots of unusual and interesting cars to see.  We have a
> standing lunch invitation on the tailgate of Blain Hughes Land Rover.
> Never had the courage to drive my old P5 all the way up there, sorry!!
> But I did bring Bill Osmond (think thats his last name) a P4
> windshield on our last trip. I haven't heard from Bill in awhile,
> guess he finally installed the glass in one piece? he got two w/shiels
> from me.  We unfortunately can't make it this year but will be
> thinking of all you Rover guys, hope its a good turn out for the
> anniversary!
>                                    Regards Ben
Hi Ben,

Bill Osmond doesn't subscribe to the Rovernet, but you'll be happy 
to hear that he did in fact get the windscreen into his P4, and plans 
to bring it to British Car Day this week-end.  I think he won first prize 
in the old Rover class with his car at last year's show.

I will be bringing my Rover 825i this year, my son is bringing his 
1970 P6B, Bill Osmond and Donna Newman their P4s, Piers 
Hemmingsen his 3-litre, and so if someone brings a P3 and and an 
SD-1, we'll have the whole of the post-war Rover model range 
(apart from the current 75 and lesser models) represented for the 

The latest weather forecasts seem to bear out the truth of the old 
adage "The sun always shines on British Car Day"  (even if only for 
a few minutes!)


 -- Bill Daddis

Aurora, Ontario, Canada
The Toronto Area Rover Club

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