[ROVERNET - UK] Re: British Car Meet/Any interest in a San Francisco Area Rover club?

Albert Boasberg ABoasberg at webtv.net
Thu Sep 16 02:50:22 BST 2004

Dear Geoff:
Thanks for your kind and generous compliments
A guy with a P5 next to me in the Arcane Auto Society area told me that
there was another Rover like mine in  the Land Rover section on the
south lot. I went over to see it, but it was gone.
That was you!
The Arcane Auto Society has a function next month in Brisbane which I
plan to attend and hope you will too. You don't have to be a member of
the Club to go. I can send you the details or you can go to
As to your suggestion about get-togethers with other Rover owners, I'm
all for it, but I don't know how many sedans (as opposed to Land Rovers)
there are around. Maybe you know better.
There are pictures of my car at
Best regards!

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