[ROVERNET - UK] p6b- stripped thread on thermostat housing

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Mon Sep 20 05:59:36 BST 2004

Hi Peter,

I agree with Ron about easy outs breaking and the problem of geting the broken
piece out of the stuck bolt. Hence the need for top quality items and using
the correct drill.  Of course geting a broken drill out of a bolt is as hard
as geting out a broken ezy out.  It also makes perfect sense for us Rover
ites to have a set of left hand drills.  After all the direction of drilling
a hole is irrelevant and drilling clockwise may well tighten the bolt by
the heat process Ron describes. All you need is an electric drill that reverses.
 If you are heating the caste you will still need to use an easy out to unscrew
the bolt when it finally releases.  Put the ezy out in the freezer or on
a bed of ice when you are not using it.  When you have finished heating,
insert the ezyout into the hole and put some twisting moment on it with a
spanner.  The cold will transmit to the bolt hopefully shrinking it marginally
as the heat has marginally increased the size of the hole.  If you haven't
used ezy outs before then practise, especially in feeling the load you can
put on it.  If the ezy out breaks free then a little tap with a hammer as
you turn, should help it re grip the bolt.  Practice with heat on a rusted
nut and bolt and watch the effect of the heat on the rust especially as penertrating
oil is sprayed on.  If you get good at the art of releasing broken bolts
then a whole new career beckons.  Cheers Roger 
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>Hi Rovernetters
>Today I changed the thermostat on my P6B 1976, as the engine has been taking
>forever to warm up.  Despite my best efforts, I stripped a thread when
>replacing the bolts on the thermostat housing.
>I have a tap to re-thread the hole a size larger to take bigger diameter
>bolts.  As a rooky Rover owner my questions are please Netters:
>Access is going to be a problem - should I remove the distributor to get
>clear shot at retapping the thread by hand?  Or would I be best to take
>the inlet manifold entirely?
>Please forgive the lack of knowledge displayed and your responses will be
>genuinely appreciated.  We are hosting the National Rove, a get together
>Rovers from all over Australia, next week, and my car may not be leaving
>garage at this stage.
>Kind regards
>Peter Mitchell
>Perth Western Australia
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