[ROVERNET - UK] p6b- stripped thread on thermostat housing

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Mon Sep 20 13:10:26 BST 2004

Many thanks to Roger and Ron regarding my stripped thread problem.

A clarification - I don't have a broken bolt.  I got both bolts on the
housing out ok, the problem was overtightening when putting them back in,
resulting in a thread stripping.  But the advice is well worth having as I'm
sure that I am going to break a bolt sooner or later.

My Dad is a retired and still very active fitter and turner, and he lent me
the right size tap to take the hole out to fit a larger bolt.

I share the concerns expressed about getting the drill and tap at right
angles to the holes, and am now leaning towards removing the inlet manifold
and taking it to dear old Dad [nearly 87] and getting him to do it
professionally.  I do have a spare inlet manifold off a pre-facelift P6b
[mine is a 76 model].  Are the manifolds interchangeable?  I could clean my
spare up and then simply swap them over.

I must add that I am reassured by the shared wisdom [and confessions] of
other members.  I would not even try any of this without Rovernet.

Kind regards

Peter Mitchell
Perth Western Australia

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