[ROVERNET - UK] Kent Re: TR8 Battery Fire

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Tue Sep 21 03:18:44 BST 2004

Hi Vic,
This was a factory setup and the interior was burned
so badly that it was hard to tell.  The positive
(power) cable evidently passes through the firewall at
some point and this was the most likely place.  The
cable is shielded by a plate where it passes through
the cabin just below the passenger door.  The purpose
of the plate is to prevent the cable being frayed by
passengers' feet.  The fire did not start in this
area,since the plate was intact and in good condition
after the fire.

Hope this helps.  Just inspect the long battery cable
throughout its length and reinforce any spots that
appear to be running through or past sharp metal
Another spot that bears watching is over the rear
wheel arch beneath the carpet where the top can ride
against the carpet.  Mine was OK there, but I have
added extra insulation and padding there on my
subsequent TR8's.  I have had two factory cars and two

Kent K.
--- vic muscat <vic94087 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Kent,
> I have a TR8 and I would hate to lose it! So I
> wonder
> if you could give me some background on your fire?
> Did that problem occur in a stock factory TR8 or a
> conversion? If it was a factory setup, do you know 
> where the problem physically occurred? Thanks for
> your
> help, Vic
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