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Regarding the 2000TC generator; I do not have a Lucas catalogue here at
home, but believe it is the same as an XKE Jaguar- someone with a catalogue
might check. Welsh Jaguar in Ohio usually has them in stock, rebuilt, but
there is a hefty core charge; so send yours first. James Dean.
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> Welcome Frank!
> May I say that you have quite the eye for bargains to get your Rover for
> little!  As I am sure you have already noticed that this is a great group
> people and very friendly, I too was very happy when I stumbled upon them.
> Many a problem of mine has been solved and/or helped along by the group.
> Anyway enough for the brownie points...
> I had my water pump go on me a couple of years ago and bought a rebuilt
> just north of you in  Vancouver.  ABC Cars #604-294-5747 (I am sure if the
> number is different now someone in the group knows it), turn around was
> and the price was excellent.  As far as your generator goes, I am not sure
> how stock you want your car to appear, but JR Wadhams
> has some rebuild items for it.  I have some brand new brushes for one if
> want them.  If it is too far gone I just had mine rebuilt for $110.00
> locally.  A word of advice is to get your voltage regulator checked if you
> are going to keep the generator set-up.
> I am not sure if someone else has touched on these points or offerings,
> sorry if I am repeating things.
> Good luck and again, welcome!
> Tom C.
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