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Yep, it is a very good sign that the idler oozed, it means the seal is
intact.  My SC oozed too when I removed the bolt.  The TC one didn't.  I'd
leave it alone.  You just fill them to the top, and the action of damping
(which the idler does too) heats the oil so it expands...

I'd say your problem is in the steering box, and I will bet the seal has
died so that the oil leaks out the bottom.
They are easy to adjust, is yours a workshop manual? If not I can scan the
page and email directly to you if desired.


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I've owned my 1968 Rover 2000SC since July 2004 and ti has always had stiff
steering.  Even stiffer than my 1965 Austin Cambridge and I thought that was
stiff!  In looking at the workshop manual, the Armstrong steering also has
an idler box.  The manual tells how to check and top up the steering box oil
level, but says nothing about the idler, even though the idler box shown in
the manual and on the car has what may be a filler bolt on its top.  When I
checked the level oil level in the steering box, I had to add oil - lots!
The gears that I could see looked dry.  When I tried to check the idler box
for its fluid level, oil started to ooze out from under the bolt as soon as
I had it loosened about an eighth of a turn.  The oil that oozed out looked
like graphite in colour, but I was too busy trying to get the nut tightened
to notice the consistency of the ooze.  Can anyone help me with why the oil
started leaking from the top of the idler box as soon as I loosened the
bolt.  And how do I go about checking further for the source of the stiff

Thanks.  Walter.

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