[ROVERNET - UK] P5 MKIII front end question

peter king peter at king-co.com
Thu Sep 30 21:51:12 BST 2004


Thanks so much for this advice! I greased the torsion bar springs and
adjusted the height to spec, and what a difference it made! Unfortunately, I
think I sucked sludge into the carburetor while test driving on a low tank,
and now have to sort out if that's why the car died at idle and won't
re-start. But that's another story....

Thanks again for very helpful advice.


 on 9/28/04 2:56 PM, Michael Pellow at mp349 at ww.co.nz wrote:

>> '67 MKIII, and while I have a very smooth ride for the most part, I am
>> still
>> experiencing a hard shock on every depressed type of bump (like a shallow
>> pothole or low manhole cover) encountered on the right side,. Feels like a
>> direct hit from the wheel to the frame--very stiff jolt.
> Shocks are set to softest setting (no difference when set up a > Thanks,
>> Peter King
> Peter
> rover was one of the few marks that correctly used leaf spring suspension
> ,so most people forget to complete the job when refurbishing suspensions.
> Rover gaiter & grease their leaf springs. P3,4,&5 all have greased leaf
> springs.
> You force heavy grease between the leaves of the springs and then cover them
> with gaiters .These were made of a very heavy canvas or leather. I  greased
> mine on the 110 and made up gaiters out of black vinyl which I stitched onto
> the car inside out then pulled thru right way with nylon ties each end.
> The transformation was dramatic ,the ride soffened up more like coil springs
> removin the "thump".This is due th the leaves being able to slide over each
> other instead of giving in jerky incriments..As the P5 front end has leaf
> springs and they were gaitered ,this may be what is needed.Personally I have
> always found them to be very firm.
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