[ROVERNET - UK] more 3500S brake questions

Peter King peter at king-co.com
Mon Apr 4 16:24:58 BST 2005

Update on 3500S brakes:  PROBLEM SOLVED!

Many thanks to all, and in particular to Ruth Burgess and Eric Russel 
for directing me to the reaction valve. It occurred to me that while I 
was rebuilding the Master, I notice the new seal for the valve was 
larger than the one I was replacing. The fit was tight, and the piston 
did not move easily in the cylinder. I attributed this to it being a 
new seal, and reassembled. Ruth pointed out to me that there are two 
similar kits, one for the Jag, one for the 3500S, and the Jag kit has a 
slightly larger seal. She suggested ejecting the valve in the manner 
Eric described, and checking the diameter of the seal. I had a spare 
Master cylinder, so I dismantled it and used the valve from it to 
replace the newly rebuilt one, and VOILA! No hard pedal, no lockup, no 
problems. Drove to work today with a big grin on my face.

So, thank you all again. Rear caliper job next...


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