[ROVERNET - UK] From Styeve Lawrence P6 timing

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 02:57:51 BST 2005

Steve is still having trouble posting to the list so
here's a question with which he'd like help.



I have always wondered about the valve timing on a P6
because when the EP mark is in line with the timing
pointer, the flywheel can not be locked with the
locking pin.  When the pin CAN be inserted in the
flywheel, the EP mark is about 1/2" off the pointer.
Should the cam be able to be locked in place (using
L-shaped cam lock) with the EP mark on the pointer, or
when the locking pin is inserted in the flywheel?
My cars have always seemed to run ok either way, but I
would like to know which is really correct before I
button-up my current motor (2200 piston conversion).
Thank you!
Steve Lawrence

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