[ROVERNET - UK] Goodies on Ebay

Andrew H. Litkowiak andylit at runbox.com
Sun Apr 17 17:50:58 BST 2005

I mostly lurk here, lusting after everyone else's cars. I have a total 
basket case P4 100 that is still several years away from being touched.

A couple years ago, I had very aggressively pursued buying a P5 V8 model 
from the UK, but circumstances dictated otherwise. It was nearly 
impossible to find a rust free car for any price I could handle when 
shipping was considered. I could have picked up a builder for very 
little money, but the cost of new parts, body work, paint and the like 
would have driven the final cost well out of any realistic range. I 
ended up buying a Mercedes Ponton sedan (another love affair) in a 
firesale deal.

P5's are tough to find here in the US in any kind of decent condition. 
Restored cars are very scarce and the owners don't want to part with 
them. Builder cars tend to be a financial sink hole. Unfortunately, the 
P4 and P5 cars simply don't command a high resale here, regardless of 
condition. As much as I love the cars, it is very hard to justify the 
cost required to restore one, at least here in the US.

With British Leyland's wizardry in marketing, the V8 version never made 
it here to the US. Another bugaboo of mine. The P5 with a V8 drive train 
would be an awesome touring car. The straight 6 is okay on the highway, 
but leaves a little to be desired in passing power.

Andy Litkowiak

roland wrote:

>Andrew, thanks for the posting that. I was very happy
>to see the brochure on the P5. What a handsome car it
>really is. Sometimes I forget and even thought of
>selling mine, out of my neglect for it. But then
>things like this brings me back and makes me wonder
>what I thinking! I really should get it painted one day.
>Road King

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