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match it with a Toyota gearbox and then it can overtake without trouble!
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>I mostly lurk here, lusting after everyone else's cars. I have a total 
>basket case P4 100 that is still several years away from being touched.
> A couple years ago, I had very aggressively pursued buying a P5 V8 model 
> from the UK, but circumstances dictated otherwise. It was nearly 
> impossible to find a rust free car for any price I could handle when 
> shipping was considered. I could have picked up a builder for very little 
> money, but the cost of new parts, body work, paint and the like would have 
> driven the final cost well out of any realistic range. I ended up buying a 
> Mercedes Ponton sedan (another love affair) in a firesale deal.
> P5's are tough to find here in the US in any kind of decent condition. 
> Restored cars are very scarce and the owners don't want to part with them. 
> Builder cars tend to be a financial sink hole. Unfortunately, the P4 and 
> P5 cars simply don't command a high resale here, regardless of condition. 
> As much as I love the cars, it is very hard to justify the cost required 
> to restore one, at least here in the US.
> With British Leyland's wizardry in marketing, the V8 version never made it 
> here to the US. Another bugaboo of mine. The P5 with a V8 drive train 
> would be an awesome touring car. The straight 6 is okay on the highway, 
> but leaves a little to be desired in passing power.
> Andy Litkowiak
> roland wrote:
>>Andrew, thanks for the posting that. I was very happy
>>to see the brochure on the P5. What a handsome car it
>>really is. Sometimes I forget and even thought of
>>selling mine, out of my neglect for it. But then
>>things like this brings me back and makes me wonder
>>what I thinking! I really should get it painted one day.
>>Road King
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