[ROVERNET - UK] Goodies on Ebay

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 18:06:44 BST 2005

Andrew, I agree with you. I too wanted the V8 equipped
P5, but do not want to deal with rhd. I heard of
others converting the entire subframe with a "B" model
and was told it was more work than worth the effort.
Most british cars are cheap to purchase, especially
saloons. Most of the ones I bought were way under
$1000. I got my P5 for $250, but have put much more in
it of course. I got my Austin A40 for $300, 1958
Magnette for $450, etc. You just have to be patient
and they will come. My P5 only had 2 spots of rust
that needed attending for the body. Of course it
needed interior work and needs rechroming of just
about everything. I also knew of it's sister car for
sale in my area, the San Francisco Bay area. Kent
Kinard had a P5 for sale as well. I may have a lead on
a 1966 saloon with overdrive, but the trans falls out
of third on coasting, but ran fairly well. Color was
burgandy interior tan/buckskin. He's a funny guy
though, his price goes up with interest in his car.
They are out there, depends on how much of the work
you want to do yourself.

Road King

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