[ROVERNET - UK] Lets help save Rover

sspmilr at netzero.net sspmilr at netzero.net
Sun Apr 17 23:12:38 BST 2005

Hi Roverists:

I'm sure that all of us who love Rovers are sitting around with sad
faces.  So, heres an idea that may help to save it.  Lets get all the
Rover Clubs in the world to start collecting money, sending it to a
trusted UK company.  Someone somewhere must have an internationsl
connection to the media, who is a Rover person.  Once the world finds
out that theres thousands of loyal Rover people the fund raiser will
escalate.  Just think of how the world will react to the publicity.
Just what is this car called a Rover that justifies a fund raiser to
save it?

Let's get "rolling" on this!  Everyone put in your "two cents"!  I'm
willing to contribute a $100.00 now.  People could put in as much as
they can afford.


Peter Miller
Port Orchard. Wa.

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