[ROVERNET - UK] Lets help save Rover

Tomas Börjeson tmastaff at tripnet.se
Mon Apr 18 00:45:56 BST 2005

I'm afraid you're too late. There is really nothing left to save.
The main problem probably was that Rover was a brand that in the UK was 
tainted by many years of mismanagement and bad press. The fact that in many 
other markets Rover stood for luxury cars with a difference did not really 


At 00:12 2005-04-18, you wrote:

>Hi Roverists:
>I'm sure that all of us who love Rovers are sitting around with sad
>faces.  So, heres an idea that may help to save it.  Lets get all the
>Rover Clubs in the world to start collecting money, sending it to a
>trusted UK company.  Someone somewhere must have an internationsl
>connection to the media, who is a Rover person.  Once the world finds
>out that theres thousands of loyal Rover people the fund raiser will
>escalate.  Just think of how the world will react to the publicity.
>Just what is this car called a Rover that justifies a fund raiser to
>save it?
>Let's get "rolling" on this!  Everyone put in your "two cents"!  I'm
>willing to contribute a $100.00 now.  People could put in as much as
>they can afford.
>Peter Miller
>Port Orchard. Wa.
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