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Mon Apr 18 01:38:52 BST 2005


Save your money. I think the problem started with
Landrover being such an unexpected success in the 50s.
By the time a car to replace the 3 litre was required,
the major profit-driver for Rover was the Landrover
and the LR boys acquires the available development
funds for Rangerover development. It was a sensible
business decision but moved the company away from the
sort of car and the type of customer they had been
serving since 1933, the last time they nearly hit the

Therefore by 1970, the traditional Rover customer was
forced to look elsewhere, XJ6 or Merc in Australia,
and the car business was less important than ever.
Honda rescued the cars from oblivion and twenty years
of investment and loyalty by the japanese was rewarded
by the company being sold to BMW! As I understand it,
BMW handled the company at arms length (don't mention
the war), but provided their 5 series platform for the
Rover 75.

Many famous marques have fallen by the wayside,
Lagonda, Armstrong-Siddeley, Alvis, Riley to name a
few. They are remembered with fondness for their good
models, preserved by enthusiasts like us, and maybe it
is going to be that way for Rover. 

The loss of jobs is tragic for those whose lives have
been spent building the cars but in a commercial
enterprise, particularly in such a competeitive field
as car manufacture sales and profit are what is
required to continue in business. With companies like
GM and Ford struggling to make money it is not
surprising that a company such as Rover is also
experiencing difficulties.

The present board seems to have been quick to get
their snouts in the trough, gouging vast sums from the
loss-making company for their personal aggrandisement
if the press is to be believed. Don't give this bunch
a cent. 

More in sorrow than anger

Peter B

--- "sspmilr at netzero.net" <sspmilr at netzero.net> wrote:
> Hi Roverists:
> I'm sure that all of us who love Rovers are sitting
> around with sad
> faces.  So, heres an idea that may help to save it. 
> Lets get all the
> Rover Clubs in the world to start collecting money,
> sending it to a
> trusted UK company.  Someone somewhere must have an
> internationsl
> connection to the media, who is a Rover person. 
> Once the world finds
> out that theres thousands of loyal Rover people the
> fund raiser will
> escalate.  Just think of how the world will react to
> the publicity.
> Just what is this car called a Rover that justifies
> a fund raiser to
> save it?
> Let's get "rolling" on this!  Everyone put in your
> "two cents"!  I'm
> willing to contribute a $100.00 now.  People could
> put in as much as
> they can afford.
> Sincerely,
> Peter Miller
> Port Orchard. Wa.
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