[ROVERNET - UK] Re: rovernet Digest, Vol 29, Issue 22

Walter Reynolds wreynold at uniserve.com
Tue Apr 19 04:33:33 BST 2005

Hi Rovernetters.  This is a plea for help from a Rover P5B owner, Brian (via
me), who doesn't have a computer.

Brian is the proud owner of a P5B Three and a Half Litre Coupe.  The car has
a no-start problem after the engine warms up and is then shut off.  He
waited almost two years before he could get the car and is sorely
disappointed in this non-starting problem.  A Morgan Plus 8 owner in our Old
English Car Club of British Columbia suggested that the problem was related
to the crummy automatic choke fitted to the Rover V8 engine.  Morgan Plus
8's have the V8 Rover engine and this Morgan owner has installed a manual
choke which, he says has eliminated the non-starting problem for him.

While there may be a problem with the automatic choke on the V8, does any
one have any suggestions where Brian can start looking?

Thanks.  Walter.

Walter D. Reynolds
Rover P6 2000 SC Automatic

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