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Tue Apr 19 04:48:01 BST 2005

Walter, the first few things that comes to mind are:
possibly the fuel line is too close to the exhaust or too close to the rear 
of the block. That is assuming it rises at the firewall to get to the carbs. 
It should also run away from the exhaust pipe as it comes from the fuel 
tank. My SD1 had the fuel filter mounted to the intake manifold. Moving this 
to the firewall by the brake booster helped. The coil should also be on the 
inner fender well-I think-and not on the engine. Heat kills ignitions and 
boils fuel. Once the engine is shut off there is very little air flow to 
cool the engine compartment. The heat will steadily rise under the hood. Ten 
minutes seems to be the usual point where problems occur. One way to rule 
out engine compartment heat is to run the car. Shut it off and leave the 
hood open for 10minutes. If it starts normally and otherwise fails when the 
hood is closed, you will know if somehing is suffering under the hood. If 
the car also has a warm air intake across the manifold this should not 
operate above 50F approximately. Air should only get to the engine from the 
front of the car not from the exhaust manifold at anything above 50F.
These are some of the first things that come to mind. Hope this helps.

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>Hi Rovernetters.  This is a plea for help from a Rover P5B owner, Brian 
>me), who doesn't have a computer.
>Brian is the proud owner of a P5B Three and a Half Litre Coupe.  The car 
>a no-start problem after the engine warms up and is then shut off.  He
>waited almost two years before he could get the car and is sorely
>disappointed in this non-starting problem.  A Morgan Plus 8 owner in our 
>English Car Club of British Columbia suggested that the problem was related
>to the crummy automatic choke fitted to the Rover V8 engine.  Morgan Plus
>8's have the V8 Rover engine and this Morgan owner has installed a manual
>choke which, he says has eliminated the non-starting problem for him.
>While there may be a problem with the automatic choke on the V8, does any
>one have any suggestions where Brian can start looking?
>Thanks.  Walter.
>Walter D. Reynolds
>Rover P6 2000 SC Automatic
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