[ROVERNET - UK] P6B- Headlamps & high beam are on together

rogerdm at iprimus.com.au rogerdm at iprimus.com.au
Mon Apr 25 22:59:10 BST 2005

Hi Peter,

I have had odd things happen when either a fuse blows or the terminals in
the fuse container corrode.  As I understand the high beam switch with its
own fuse, illuminates the high beam element in the inside lights and the
single element in the outer lights.  So if the fuse for the low beam on the
inner lights is blown no light when you switch the lights on.  When you switch
to high beam the inners illuminate on their high beam as though they were
operating normally on the low beam.  I would check the fuses first with a
continuity meter and clean the terminals.  Then I would take an inner lamp
out and check for power and that the element is not blown (they can sometimes
blow together).  Apart from that already mentioned, the switch may be faulty
bearing in mind they carry considerable current

cheers Roger 
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>Hello Netters
>I have a problem where the headlamps- the low beam, will not come on when
>the switch is turned on, althought the side or parking lights, do come on,
>as do the lights on the dash.
>When I put the high beam on, the low beam also illuminates.
>Can anyone please help me with tracking down the source of the problem?
>Many thanks
>Peter Mitchell
>Perth Western Australia
>1 x P6B
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