[ROVERNET - UK] Another Failed Experiment-LED Bulbs

Tom Trafton v8rover at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 29 21:51:44 BST 2005

A few days ago I floated the question about replacing the incandescent tail
light bulbs in the P6 with more modern LED bulbs, said to be much brighter.
Today I decided to invest US $12 in an experiment so bought a direct
replacement LED bulb from Painless Performance Products.  There are many
competitors on the market but this one was easy to  come by and Painless
enjoys a good reputation in the after-market electrical products business.

Well the bottom line is "Don't waste your time or money"  If you get down on
your haunches, stare directly on axis, the LED is brighter than the original
1157 dual contact bulb.  But any thing more than about 10 degrees off axis
and it is much dimmer.  And the problem is exacerbated by the Rover lens.
This particular LED, at least, is clearly no improvement.  Now I am left to
wonder if I got $12 worth of knowledge out of this little lesson:-)


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