[ROVERNET - UK] Another Failed Experiment-LED Bulbs

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 22:20:02 BST 2005

Tom, there's been much of this discussion on all my
motorcycle forums. Usually for the same reasons as for
our british cars: low charging power, lack of
brightness and for more visiblity. Supposedly you lose
alot of the brightness due to the red lens cancelling
out the leds. I wish I could find the thread on this,
but if you used a clear lense, it would be fine. Of
course it's no possible to find clear lenses for a
Rover TC, so fwiw. It may be best to add a third brake
lamp to the window using LEDs, almost no drain and at
that height will be well within your 10% of center. I
plan oon adding one to my P5 if I ever get it
streetable again. Looks better than a Buick against my
boot lid. LOL!

Road King

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