[ROVERNET - UK] A bee under my bonnet!

Sands Sands2005 at home00.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Aug 1 21:54:48 BST 2005

G'day to all Rovernetters,
                                       If you were to make up a 
lightweight wooden case for the hood (we are talking hypothetically 
here) and take the external measurements of said case. A phone around 
to  some freight forwarder  giving the  dimensions  should  be enough to 
achieve a quotable quote re costs.

By  the way folks when I was last on Rovernet .... upto end of  
2001..... I was at  home in South Australia driving a Silver Mink SD1  
3500  Van Den Plas .... a beautiful car!
I'm now living in Norwich (UK) where my sons attend uni and I drive a  
Nightfire Red  820 Vitesse Hatchback.... again a beautiful car, goes 
like the clappers. Though its interesting to note that where the SD1 had 
a brilliantly small  turning circle, the front wheel drive Vit has a 
turning circle like a bullock dray with a team of  8.  You can't beat 
rear wheel drive!

Mike   Vitesse    Norwich.

Vern Klukas wrote:

> I'd be happy to send you a hood (well, actually the Rover car Club 
> would) but freight will be rather steep I would expect. I'm not sure 
> how much the club would charge for the hood, that is up to our parts 
> manager, but I know we have several in stock.
> Yours
> Vern
>> Does anyone leaving near Minnesota have a hood/bonnet for a 69 2000 TC?
>> I was driving my car on the freeway to storage a couple winters ago 
>> when the hood popped open and slammed into the windshield.  Luckily 
>> the glass didn't break, but the hood is pretty mangled.  I am just 
>> getting around to that part of the resto, and so far people have been 
>> hesitant to send a hood.  Pass this message along to friends, the car 
>> really looks sad without its bonnet.
>> Thanks
>> Tom
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