[ROVERNET - UK] A bee under my bonnet!

Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Mon Aug 1 22:57:31 BST 2005

Tom -
    We have a bunch of hoods here in Central New York (Syracuse area) 
and there is a slim chance we could get a Minnesota friend who will be 
here at the Franklin TREK next week to take one back on a trailer under 
a Franklin.  All just a possibility, but I know he is coming and I think 
he will have a Franklin in tow on a car hauler.  I don't know his 
schedule, the nature of his trailer or what promises he may have made to 
others.  But I could know by next Monday morning and let you know.  We 
actually have another hood being donated to our collection from Ontario, 
Canada, that will be delivered this weekend by another person coming to 
the TREK.  Rover and Franklin parts mix more than you might  think.  But 
I'm  praying that this latest hood might turn out to be a series II hood 
with the two small bumps.  Totally different construction than the 
earlier cars and not at all interchangeable. 



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