[ROVERNET - UK] Rovers for sale in Atlanta, Georgia

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A friend asked me a simple question.. I thought.. until I reflected on the 
response to..What oil filter should I use in my car?... Anyway; he 
represents an MG club in the US, and was interested in having some T-Shirts 
made that incorporated the MG Logo. The T shirt maker said he was not 
allowed to reproduce the MG Logo. I told my friend he should make them 
himself until the Chinese Government sent him a cease and desist order, then 
stop. More seriously, what would be the answer to this question? James Dean, 
Ft. Lauderdale.
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> We have been asked to publicize a couple of Rovers for
> sale in Atlanta, Georgia.
> One is a 1967 example and the other is a NADA Series 2
> 1971 Rover (1 of 222 he says).
> More information is available on our website.
> The owner will be away until August 20 so don't expect
> a quick answer if you write to his address.
> <http://www.roverclub.ca/forsale.htm>
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