[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 3500S For Sale

noblious at aol.com noblious at aol.com
Sun Aug 28 19:11:37 BST 2005

Hey Listers, the time has come for me to sell my 1970 3500S, automatic.

Some of the things I have done:
- rebuilt carbs
- rebuilt brake master, slave, and brake cylinders
- repainted body (originally white, now red and cream)
- SD1 alloy wheels
- lots of new rubbers (including both windscreens)
- new shock absorbers
- new A/C compressor, but lines not connected, not charged
- 3 core radiator
- manual choke conversion
- roof antennae

Really must go, especially in light of recent hurricane. $2500.

Will send photos and more info to interested individuals.

Randy - Miami, FL

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