[ROVERNET - UK] Headlight dipping mechanism

Paul Williams p.williams at alkazar.net
Sun Aug 28 20:12:03 BST 2005

Hi all,

I am apresent restoring a 1929 2L coachbuilt saloon and was very 
interested in the recent thread
 "[ROVERNET - UK] Headlight dipping mechanism" 
my car also was fitted with these vacuum operated dipping 
headlights and according to the handbook are Lucas King of the 
Road type 150D.  I am in need of a pair of these headlights in black  
as I do not have any,well I may have one but it is hard to tell as the 
condition is appalling!!  They appear to have a flat frosted glass 
lens.  I am not to worried about the presenceof the dipping system 
but woul like to locate a set for my retoration.

Any information or help greatly appreciated, I am located in central 
england .



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