[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 10 Update and parts request

Alan Gale agale at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 29 10:03:17 BST 2005

Chasing some odd trim bits for the rover 10:

1) One of the two cast aluminium brackets which hold the rear "picnic 
basket rack" in place when it is not folded out. (can provide pic of the 
one which is not broken).
2) Fuel reserve tap rod - it is about 10 inches long, brass, with thread 
at one end for the "pull reserve" knob and with a flattened end at the 
other where it screws into the fuel reserve valve. On the ten it sticks out
of the back, just above the spare wheel cover!!

If the worst comes to the worst, I daresay I can get these made up 
locally, but if someone out there has a 30s spares bin, I would be 
grateful for these little bits.

The engine rebuild is nearly done.  Some interesting discoveries: the 
main bearings were 4 thou out of true and the cam was 2 thou out of 
true.  The engine has already been re-bored out to 1496cc (making it 
same size as the rover 12).  We have lifted the compression from 5:1 to 
8:1 and larger (Cosworth) exhaust valves are now in place.  New 
followers, re-faced cam (same profile as the little grey massey ferguson 
tractor, it seems), oil pump overhauled and of course new rings and bearings
all round, new timing chain and new tappets (better geometry).  
The engine has no number, which I am told was common if it was sent to the 
Rover works for the bore-out.    

I am now good friends with the electroplater (windscreen surrounds, some 
lights, rear and front bumpers, door handles and other odds and sods).  Scott Richmond 
(http://www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au/) has been unfailingly helpful 
and I am off there again soon with a rubber bits and pieces order list
now that i have worked out what's needed.

All window winders have been overhauled, new glass for passenger front, 
windscreen vent winder overhauled (clogged with paint) and the clock
(a nice 7-day roman faced Jaeger) is back from the watchmaker with a
restored face and keeps perfect time.

Still waiting for Mike Couldry to send his growing aid package to the colonies - 
it is wonderful being able to order what is needed for a seventy year old car 
and have them arrive so promptly.  It seems easier to get bits and 
pieces for the Rover 10 than the 3500S!!

Was hoping to have her on the road for her 70th birthday (September), 
but this is now not likely.  Will post pics somewhere once all this is 
over ... definitely want her running by end of October, when Oz weather 
will be perfect.  Tempus fugit, however.

Next task (after engine is run in) will be doing something about that 
4.88:1 differential.  I think I want something better than 16mph/1000 
revs, which give 60mph @ 3750rmp.  about 3000 would be better, maybe 
less (2,500) if it is felt there is enough power there.

It's more fun than telly but a damn sight more expensive.  Really 
looking forward to her first run.


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