[ROVERNET - UK] 2000 and 3500 similarities and differences

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Hi Kent, glad to hear you're still on the mortal coil, lol, though I 
personally had never heard the rumor.

More on differences, though I am no great expert on P6B, preferring 
the 4cyl cars myself. All the comments refer to Series 1 2000s and NA 
P6Bs only, many features were made common to the entire range in the 
series 2 cars. Here in NA Series 2 cars are like hen's teeth, so my 
knowledge there is slim.

The hood is different from 2000, as is the latch panel on the base 
unit at the front and the headlamp panel. 2000 trunk lids will fit, 
the differences here are related to the spare tire mount and do not 
affect dimensions or attachments.

Fuel tank is larger on the V8's, and the fuel pump is electric and 
mounted under the tank at the RR of the car. This also means the fuel 
reserve tap is at the rear of the car, so the fuel reserve bowden 
cable is much longer.


>Hi Netters,
>Yes, I am still alive.  The post from James about the location of 
>side trim holes raises an issue of which I was not aware.  I will 
>have to go measure to see how far off the locations are, since I was 
>planning on adapting some 2000 wings to my 3500S.  Four areas of 
>difference not mentioned so far are the dash, firewall, and 
>transmission tunnel, all of which are different on the V8, and the 
>front lower link mounts which are further apart on the V8 and 
>prevent the use of V8's in 4 cyl. base units.  The front 
>crossmembers are quite different and the differentials and their 
>mounts are different up until Series 2, after which only the ratios 
>differ. All NAS P6B's have power steering and most have A/C which is 
>very different from the P6 Delanair.  The seat design is quite 
>different between V8 and four, but they are interchangable.  There 
>are lots and lots of small differences.
>Kent K.
>James Dean wrote:
>>George;. Some minor differences in body panels; The bumpers on the 
>>3500S,are heavier and have extra bracing, so there is an extra hole 
>>on the rear wing You can actually put a rubber plug in it, and 
>>paint the plug, for an easy fix. The chrome side mouldings are 
>>different, meaning they have different holes. The 3500S has 
>>different holes for lamps and reflectors. You could drill them in a 
>>2000 wing, but remember about the diferent side moulding holes, 
>>before you paint.. Best to weld the 2000  moulding holes shut, and 
>>redrill them. By the way, the wide side moulding clips for the 
>>3500S are probably unobtainable, and nothing else works.I have new 
>>ones.The front lower valence, of course is totally different.The 
>>doors are different. I do not recommend adapting 2000 doors, to 
>>power windows; though I have done it. The boot lid is different, in 
>>most cases, as the 3500S has reinforcing ribs, to hold spare tire 
>>weight. Also remember about different trim holes, before you paint 
>>and find all the holes wrong. If the 3500S you buy has some rust, 
>>it may have bad jackpoints.You will probably spend more than you 
>>paid for the car, to weld them and other rust on a bad car. Why 
>>don't you just spend a little more, and get a good 3500S, that 
>>won't need most of your 2000 panels.Remember what I showed you 
>>about painting; the best way is remove all the panels, paint the 
>>base unit, paint the panels separately and assemble it. That is a 
>>good time to replace all the rubber seals. James Dean
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>>>Hello to all. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I now
>>>have several 2000TCs and I was wondering, if I got a
>>>3500 just how much of these cars could I transfer
>>>over? I know the body panels would go and lots of the
>>>interior, but in particular, could I transfer over the
>>>air conditioning from the 2000? I assume of course,
>>>the compressor bracket would not make the switch, but
>>>what about the rest? Also, I thought I saw somewhere
>>>that the brake booster etc. were different, is this
>>>true? Thanks for any help.
>>>buried in P6s
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