[ROVERNET - UK] KinardRove '06

Kent Kinard kkinard at swbell.net
Thu Dec 1 21:35:40 GMT 2005

All Roverites in the Great Northwest,

It's time to plan KinardRove '06.  Usually we plan our trips so that 
Sheila can do a show and I can meet Rover people.  Last spring we were 
blessed to be able to do British by the Sea with the Manwell's and 
Sheila has agreed to let me set the timetable for our adventure to 
British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.  We'll have between two and 
four weeks depending on her shows elsewhere, but are generally open the 
last week in June through the end of August or perhaps a little later. 
What is the best time to see Rovers up there?  Maybe we can start at 
Slats' and work our way north.

Kent K.

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