John Couch jackjohn3 at comcast.net
Mon Dec 5 14:31:25 GMT 2005


This past summer I was noticing an increasing howl from my 2000 TC's differential.  I finally took the time to investigate the noise and found exteme lash in the rear diff.  I  remembered reading on the internet that the Toronto Area Rover Club classifieds listed a New Old Stock diff so I made arrangements and purchased the component.  It arrived still bolted to the original plywood shipping crate with a 35 year heavy dust coating.  I just thought I would take the time to say how cool it is to have a NOS Rover piece in my shop.  I used mineral spirits to remove the dust and now I have a very nice black diff with natural aluminum front extension.  The lash of the gears is so tight that sometimes I find myself feeling the lash at the input flange and wondering how this piece survived all these years and also wondering how many parts shelves, back rooms and storage facilities this part has sat in until it has found this permanent home.

So that leads me to ask, how many of you have NOS parts sitting around?  I follow many different types of antique and classic cars and am always amazed by the amount of NOS parts that still exist for cars built in the twenties and thirties so I figure there must be quite a few pieces out there for the Rovers built in the sixties and seventies.  What is out there?

Also,  I will attend the 2007 spring Rover meet.

John Couch
Detroit, MI

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