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You were very lucky.  Perhaps you should run out and
buy a lottery ticket.
Since you asked, I have some NOS parts listed here
mainly brake parts for early Dunlop Rover P6.


--- John Couch <jackjohn3 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Rovernetters,
> This past summer I was noticing an increasing howl
> from my 2000 TC's differential.  I finally took the
> time to investigate the noise and found exteme lash
> in the rear diff.  I  remembered reading on the
> internet that the Toronto Area Rover Club
> classifieds listed a New Old Stock diff so I made
> arrangements and purchased the component.  It
> arrived still bolted to the original plywood
> shipping crate with a 35 year heavy dust coating.  I
> just thought I would take the time to say how cool
> it is to have a NOS Rover piece in my shop.  I used
> mineral spirits to remove the dust and now I have a
> very nice black diff with natural aluminum front
> extension.  The lash of the gears is so tight that
> sometimes I find myself feeling the lash at the
> input flange and wondering how this piece survived
> all these years and also wondering how many parts
> shelves, back rooms and storage facilities this part
> has sat in until it has found this permanent home.
> So that leads me to ask, how many of you have NOS
> parts sitting around?  I follow many different types
> of antique and classic cars and am always amazed by
> the amount of NOS parts that still exist for cars
> built in the twenties and thirties so I figure there
> must be quite a few pieces out there for the Rovers
> built in the sixties and seventies.  What is out
> there?
> Also,  I will attend the 2007 spring Rover meet.
> John Couch
> Detroit, MI
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