[ROVERNET - UK] A slow death

Michael Pellow mp349 at ww.co.nz
Sun Feb 6 04:14:13 GMT 2005

One of the more often problems with the V8 is the bleader hose from the 
top the moter to the radiator.This often blocks and causes a small air 
pocket in the top of the head.This is very easy to fix.

Remove the hose where it goes into the inlet manifold between the two 
carburettors . There is a small steel pipe which has a habbit of 
blocking.get an 1/8 inch drill bit and with fingers only,screw it into 
the pipe till it just touches the frost plug  ie ther should be some 
water trickeling out of the tube.With the radiator cap off blow thru the 
hose & it shoud be able to freely allow air thru it .If not check the 
hose & the tube going into the rediator. Theses are less likely to be 
blocked .

Paul Smith wrote:
> It's getting too rich at idle.
> Look at float valves, if they leak no fan will help.
> Check float level carefully.
> Check mixture & needle position in piston.

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