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What do you mean by "cozies".  In Australia we would think this means swimming
costumes.  I wonder if there is some issue with cranckcase ventilation, the
flame traps and oil fumes possibly fouling the plugs.  It would seem that
you have an overheating problem because of the temperature rising with slower
air movement through the rad core and perhaps you will need to check that
all through, core, pump, sediment in the block, coupling of the fan and pump,
thermostat, timing etc ad naseum.  With the engine hot excessive oil smoke
from the flame traps or oil filler may mean excessive blowby indicating the
rings are worn.  As the engine gets hotter the oil may release more smoke
which may change the operation of the flame traps and hence the air balance
in the carby's and or begin to foul the plugs.  This in turn may effect the
vacume advance, which operates via a vulnerable pipe to the distributor.
  Try changing the oil and the plugs to a higher heat range and clean the
flame traps.  I presume the heat insulators were fitted when the carby's
were re installed.  Inspect the vacume pipe.  When the idle falls does the
engine misfire?.

Let us know hoe things go Good luck Roger
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>Hi All!,
>Need help with a perplexing problem.  '70 P6B 3500S.  Recently had
>carburetors de-varnished, synchronized, etc.   The mechanic also rerouted
>the fuel line away from the engine block because of concerns with
>vaporizing the fuel.  Cobbled back together my old carburetor 'cozies' to
>also help with heat issues-------regardless of all this work, when stuck
>slow moving traffic and the temperature gauge increases past dead center
>(ever so slightly, and it never gets past the green and into the 'red
>zone'), the car begins a slow death relative to a lower and lower idle.

>I have the chance to get on the highway and get some airflow going it
>automatically lowers the operating temperature, and then it idles
>In the 15 years I have owned the car, this has never been a problem until
>recently.  I know several Rovenetters have installed electric fans to help
>the radiator, but I'd like to know if there are any other 'fixes' and any
>explanations for what is happening.
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>Lance La Certe
>lacpsyd at earthlink.net
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