[ROVERNET - UK] transmission leaks

peter king peter at king-co.com
Fri Feb 11 13:37:49 GMT 2005

Hello all.

A question re: transmission leaks:

Last winter, my '67 MKIII dumped a couple of quarts of transmission 
fluid while parked for the winter in the garage. In the spring, I 
refilled it and drove it quite a bit with little or no fluid loss. It 
has not lost any fluid yet this winter (sitting). This winter, my '70 
3500s has developed a leak while sitting, and is leaking fluid slowly 
but steadily. I'm looking forward to warm weather to see if the leaking 

Could this be caused by seals contracting in cold weather?  Is this 
common? Does it suggest a need for replacing seals?

Thanks for your thoughts,


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