[ROVERNET - UK] My Sterling's security system

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Word of Warning I have been told that the electronics of the 800 are a nightmare to work on as there are security switches
installed. And if you disconnect and reconnect the battery terminals in the wrong order then it can damage the circuit boards. I was
told this by a qualified mechanic who also drives a 3500s. His words where "they are just not designed to be worked on at home like
the older cars are".

Another thing to check is the battery in the remote handset as that can affect the immobiliser I know this affects my 92 RR Vouge


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Likely totally unrelated but a crumb thrown.......

My wife's Honda Accord required a new battery. 
Instead of paying rip-off dealer prices, we bought a
high quality other-brand.

I disconnected the old and installed the new battery.

The radio figured it had been tampered with by a thief
and went into "locked" mode.

I asked at the dealer and here is the detail which

Disconnect both leads to the battery.  Ground both
leads at the same time.  Reconnect the battery - yeah
...... problem solved.


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