[ROVERNET - UK] Still Blow'in Steam (for Steve Lawrence)

Fritz Rauschenberg wfritz at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 27 21:07:37 GMT 2005

Is the engine running smoothly ? If so, then it would reasonably be residual coolant
in the exhaust system.

Fritz Rauschenberg
Atlanta, GA

Eric Russell wrote:

> Hello All,
> I just installed a re-worked head and head gasket on
> my '69 TC and
> there is still white steam blowing out the tail pipe.
> I am hoping
> this is residual moisture that was in the combustion
> chamber, but it
> has not cleared after 3 oil changes (in one day) since
> the oil was
> quite contaminated with coolant from the old head
> gasket problem.  The
> new head is level, pressure checked etc., and the
> intake manifold is
> in good shape and sealing well, the head bolts are
> torqued down well
> and to specs. The coolant level is staying up as well.
> Is this residual moisture?? There was some coolant in
> the combustion chamber, but I would think it would
> burn off quickly. Has anybody had this problem and it
> finally cleared up?
> Thank you for any input you can provide.
> Steve Lawrence
> Woodinville, WA
> <jaoa27 at verizon.net>
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