[ROVERNET - UK] Still Blow'in Steam (for Steve Lawrence)

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 00:23:01 GMT 2005

I had the same problem that Stephen identified.
At the time, I was experimenting (once only in my life
:-(   with silicone brake fluid.  The problem became
apparent as I started up the hill five minutes from
home and on my way to work.  As I accelerated and
maximized the vacuum pressure, white exhaust appeared.
 After much time fault-finding, I decided to remove
the one-way valve on the bottom of each servo  I stuck
my finger into the air vacuum chambers and found brake
fluid loose inside. The fluid was being sucked into
the carbs under load.  All the seals were replaced and
I changed back to conventional brake fluid and have
been problem free in this regard.

It's another thing to pursue.  You might have more
than one problem at a time facing you.

The joys of Rover 2000 ownership .........


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