[ROVERNET - UK] Re: riddle me this-sudden 3500s road noise

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Tue Jan 4 02:06:37 GMT 2005

Greetings. That reminds me...another possible source of trouble, since it 
came on suddenly, is tread or ply separation in the tires.

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>This sounds very much like a wheel balance problem.  Cheap and easy to
>fix, unless one or more tires need replacement or a wheel is damaged.
>"Hello all.
>In anticipation of a cold weekend under the car, I wonder if anyone has an
>idea for what might cause a sudden occurrence of road noise and vibration
>my 3500s? I've determined only that it is not engine-related, as the
>vibration does not stop when I shift into neutral and coast. The vibration
>came on suddenly at about 60 mph, and now begins at about 45 mph, and is
>quite pronounced if I go over 50. Tires all look fine, but that deserves
>closer inspection.
>Thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have.
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