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hi James

I don't think you sound commercial, because you clearly describe the product
type and technique required, leaving the purchase to the discretion of the
enthusiast.  I think you are very generous in sharing your expertise, which
I value very much.



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>For your headliner insulation, You should use 3M8090 trim adhesive, which
>heavy duty, not 8080, which is cheaper, and fine for carpets.It is a Spray
>can, used by trim shops for headliners andvinyl tops.You have to keep
>shaking it, and the nozzles clog, so save the old nozzles in a can of
>lacquer thinner. Regarding insulation, you need something better than
>aluminum foil. I use and sell for under carpets and lower areas, a sound
>foam material, called lead foam, that blocks sound, but it is 1/2 inch
>thick. It is amazing stuff, with closed cell fire resistant foam(unlike
>jute which is like gunpowder), a layer of silver mylar on one side, and
>powdered lead encapsulated in the center. It is designed for large motor
>yachts, where the owner's stateroom is separated from an engine room by
>bulkhead, but sound is simply unacceptable.I can only supply 1/2 inch, but
>you may find something similar used in aircraft, that is thinner. You cut
>and fit it, glue it with the 8090, and use mylar tape on the seams.I have
>used the 1/2 inch for a decade, to Block heat in Austin Healeys, and in
>of my high end restorations. There I put a half sheet inside the
>transmission tunnel, and a sheet over the rear axle area, as in a TR6 or
>MGBGtT, to stop axle noise.It is designed to stop noise, but works equally
>well on heat.Sorry to  sound commercial,which upsets people, but my email
>jaguru at, and I am glad to advise anyone, and do share my
>professional restoration tips. James Dean, Ft. Lauderdale
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>> Thanks Vern Peter and Eric for your kind advice re the space for
>> in the roof of my P6.
>> I'll follow your thinking and cut the new insulation so as to leave space
>> for the canopy bows.  that way the existing insulation will be all that
>> taking up space, hence no change from before.
>> I have yet to visit an automotive parts retail shop, but I'll be needing
>> suitable black mastic or similar for when I put the new roof on.  Can
>> members please suggest a brand name?
>> Many thanks
>> Peter Mitchell
>> Perth Western Australia
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>> Peter:
>> I agree with Eric , there really isn't much room so his between the
>> bows approach will work best i think.
>> If you live in the sun and you are looking for heat control, a layer
>> of heavy aluminum foil, most polished side towards the roof and spot
>> glued in a few places, will save you a couple of degrees inside the
>> car in the blazing sun, and slow the time it will take to warm up
>> sitting closed in the sun.
>> Yours
>> Vern
>> >Peter,
>> >The metal headling arches press so firmly against the
>> >roof insulaton that it leaves permanent grooves.  The
>> >metal tabs on the roof frame have self-tapping screw
>> >holes that barely line up when you re. and re. roof
>> >lining at the best of times.
>> >
>> >If you want to increase insulation why don't you keep
>> >the original lining on the roof (perhaps Contact
>> >Cement it in a few places to keep it from falling.
>> >Then, acquire insulation pieces to glue onto the
>> >existing insulation but between the marks where the
>> >roof arches want to fit.
>> >
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