[ROVERNET - UK] Sticking float jets

Hank and Sally Manwell hdmanwell at alumni.bates.edu
Mon Jan 10 13:35:12 GMT 2005

My experience with Grosse Jets has been less satisfactory.  To be sure, 
that was some 30 years ago and they may have been redesigned by now.  My 
brother-in-law was selling them full time for a living and he found 
adaptive versions for almost every member of our fleet, including Rover 
12, P4 and 6 cylinder Land Rover, P6, and at least one 30s vintage 
Franklin.  Some of these cars were driven as daily drivers and some 
occasionally driven between long term storage.  In any case, they had a 
frustrating habit of sticking in the closed position.  In the Land Rover 
- driven daily and the P2 occasionally - I kept a tapping hammer on the 
front seat next to me so I could swiftly get out when the engine died in 
the middle busy intersection, tap the side of the float bowl, get back 
in, restart,  and drive away. 

A little of that went a long way and before long the Grosse jets were 
all removed.



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