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The floats on HD and HS carbs are pretty much the same as H.
HIF are different.

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> Hello Everyone,
> I rather suspect that the SU Caries we are dealing with in this thread are 
> really of much later type/specification than the ones I am used to dealing 
> with.
> For what it is worth though, I have experienced frustrating flooding of 
> "H" type SU's despite what I had thought to be thorough replacement and 
> adjustments "in the float bowl.
> What I have found is that in these earlier type carbies, if there is 
> sideways movement on the needle actuating lever where it hinges onto the 
> float bowl cover, then it is possible for this lever to "stick.
> Similarly, if this lever binds on the two little "posts" which hold the 
> lever pin, then the lever can bind.
> The cure is to carefully adjust (bend) the two little "flaps" on the hinge 
> end of the lever, so that there is just clearance to allow free movement, 
> without sideways play.
> I have a 1928 Austin Seven which has had an SU fitted, and until Boxing 
> Day, had this exact problem.
> But, like I said at the outset, the later carbies probably have different 
> float construction.
> Best regards,
> Barry R.
> Tasmania
> At 09:24 AM 10/01/2005, Mike Shaddick wrote:
>> >Hi all
>> >
>> >The carbys on my 1974 3500S are overflowing. I have had this problem 
>> >before
>> >and have had the carbys overhauled by a specialist. The return of 
>> >symptoms
>> >include a strong petrol smell as fuel spills out the overflow pipes 
>> >during
>> >running but especially at idle, traffic lights etc. Variable idle speed,
>> >poor take off power from low revs but normal at high revs. I assume I 
>> >have
>> >contaminants in my fuel tank which are spoiling the sealing of the fuel
>> float
>> >seats in the carbys. I have fitted a new fuel filter but perhaps 
>> >something
>> >(water?) is getting past.
>> >
>>  When cleaning out the floats and seats, it may be worth your while to
>>check that the needles are firmly in place and have not dropped.
>>Wink Martindale
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