[ROVERNET - UK] Meteor Spares - thanks steve

Stewart Devlin gsdevlin at globalnet.co.uk
Sun Jan 30 11:10:53 GMT 2005

Hi Alan,

P3 big ends are shell bearings, which it is possible to have re-metaled, 
mine were, if you cannot get hold of new ones.

Stewart Devlin
1949 P3 75
1934 10 6-light
1933 14 Pilot

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> Thanks steve ...
> I will email him today.
> I need to resolve if the car should be fitted with direct-poured big ends 
> or shell bearings.
> The australian "restorer" who did the engine fitted direct pours which 
> were incorrectly machined.  So of course they have all run and one went 
> completely. I will be dropping the crank shaft later this month, and I 
> fear i will find direct-poured there, too.
> This was about 2 years ago, but for various reasons I have only regained 
> custody of the car this month (never marry a lawyer, or if you do consider 
> divorce very carefully thereafter !!).
> Mike reliably (and at a resonable price) supplied me with suitable parts 
> for my cyclops so I will return to him for the rover 10 parts i need if he 
> can supply.
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