[ROVERNET - UK] Car supplied by Rossleigh

Alan Gale agale at ihug.com.au
Sun Jul 3 16:44:46 BST 2005

Anyone heard of this company?
I found a very nice enamelled badge in the recesses of my '35 Rover 10 
this weekend.
(The engine rebuild is underway and I am off to the platers to get 
various bits of bright work re- done.  I prefer nickel plating, but am 
not going to re-do the whole thing just for the sake of my edwardian 
The badge - in sky and royal blue enamel has the inscription:
Car supplied by Rossleigh, motor engineers to the King.  Glasgow, 
Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Stirling, Kirkcaldy Leeds Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

My car still has original British number plates BOP 618, which someone 
told me were issued in Manchester in 1935; can anyone throw any light on 

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