[ROVERNET - UK] Suspect listing on e-bay

Alan Gale agale at ihug.com.au
Sat Jul 9 03:43:07 BST 2005

There is what looks to be a nice 1934 Speed 14 on e-bay at the moment.
Number 4559720050 ending on the 12th.
Seller claims this is a "Blue Train" car.  My recollection is that the 
blue train rover was a 1929 ish model (the race took place in 1930) and 
was a 2 litre car, not the 1.6 litre model advertised here - or did the 
marketing chaps in rover subsequently append the "blue train" tag to 
this model?  Motoring PR was as shameless then as it is now.
Owner claims there are only five others of this "rear" (sic) model in 
the world.  As few as that?
Current bidding has slowed at the $A15,850 mark, and the reserve is not 
yet met - so it seems the seller is keen to reach "world parity" pricing..

Alan Gale
Melbourne Australia

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