Shirley & Barry Lafbery lafbery at telus.net
Thu Jul 7 19:44:29 BST 2005

Hi Ben,
           A friend of mine here has a P5 Standard with Overdrive and was 
getting about 16 mpg, the same as my automatic. When we looked up the specs. 
on his car we found that the standard without o/d has a 3.9-1 rear end and 
the o/d car has a 4.3-1 why Rover did this we have no idea, except one could 
be a town car and the other for touring. He found the gears were a real pain 
for town driving he was almost in 3rd before he cleared an intersection. We 
decided to change the rear end to a 3.9-1. He now gets mid 20s mpg and it's 
a much nicer car to drive around town. All MK 1, 1a, and 2s and some early 
3s are 3.9-1 the later Mk 3 and V8s are 3.54-1. so there should be lots of 
3.9-1 around.
You should be getting a lot more than 12 mpg, make sure your choke is going 
all the way off and that the mixture is set correct.


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