[ROVERNET - UK] P5 mpg and rear axle ratio

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I've been slowly "gearing up" to convert my 3 litre MkII automatic to 4-speed/overdrive.  This discussion confirms my thought that I would leave the original 3.9:1 rear axle ratio instead of converting to the 4.3:1 ratio used on the overdrive cars.  Unfortunately I may have to replace the differential or the complete axle anyway, because there is some gear or bearing noise that seems to be getting worse over time.

I believe that typical fuel mileage from my 3 litre with automatic was around 17 or so on a mostly highway run.


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Ben the only way to change the rear end is the hard way. We had the use of a 
friends hoist and that really helped with the car in the air on the hoist we 
set the hoist to lift the rear wheels free, pulled the half shafts out a bit 
and changed the diff. I would not want to change the whole axle as then you 
have to change all the rear brakes as well. We considered a 3.54-1 but V8 
are thin on the ground here as they were never imported to Canada. We have 
two here in BC that are right hand drive. One came from Hongkong and do not 
know how the other one got here. I think a 3.54 would be the way to go if 
can find one.


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