[ROVERNET - UK] Suspect item on ebay - Blue Train

Mike Evans p2roverman at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jul 11 09:17:53 BST 2005

Just to confirm the that Rover used the race by jounalists in a specially
prepared 1930 Light Six Sportsman Coupe against the famous French 'Blue
Train' as an aid to advertising, it was never officially  part of the car's
title.  Just one of these cars survive, possibly incorporating parts from
the race car; also one 4-door saloon Light Six survives.  These were of
course Weymann fabric bodies.
The car on ebay is ofcourse none of these but a 1934 14 Sorts Saloon (I
don't have the ebay details infront of me, so if its a 3-carb engine its a
Speed 14 - check chassis /engine nos, 43xxxx for a Speed model).  Both
models are quite rare, but without going through the lists I can't say how
rare.  There are certainly a few of each around.
Mike Evans

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