James Dean jaguru at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 18 16:00:14 BST 2005

I have a1968 RHD P5B saloon (which I would sell on for parts or 
restoration)which I acquired less engine, that has what I was told was 
factory air. Since I am selling a new old stock Coolaire evaporator that 
would fit the P5. I have posted in the Rover section of my ebay store,a 
photo of the original dash and AC evaporator for comparison, you might 
look to compare yours. The original one used 2 small squirrel cage 
blowers in back, and does not look like it would move enough air., as 
the one I posted would. By the way, most of the things recently  asked 
for here  on Rovernet I have either posted or will post with photos if 
anyone asks me. This includes 3500S and 2000 BW35 transmission(just sold 
one) 3500S fuel tank, and some 3500S exhaust pieces.. I also have 
recently made up new hoses for 3500S PAS, and I also sell an adapter 
bracket to bolt a sanyo Rotary AC Compressor to a  york base, and I also 
devised it to adapt to the 3500S double bracket base. My ebay store is 
"Old English Motor Company" Thank you, James Dean, Ft. 
Lauderdale..........................Rod Blair wrote:

>Hi Rovernetters,
>I've just bought an Arden Green P5B Saloon #84100598C
>which was purchased new from Lex Mead Southhampton on
>March 3rd 1972 ~ I have the original paperwork ~ and
>brought to Australia in 1974. There are a couple of
>anomalies I'd like some help with. (Unfortunately the
>original owner has passed away). 
>The car is in excellent condition, fully registered
>and great to drive. Air conditioning has been fitted
>(by the dealer?)therefore the tool tray is now under
>the parcel tray on the left, it still has the manual
>choke but most perplexing of all, it has the ancillary
>gauges fitted fitted to the binnacle as per a coupe.
>There are only 2 warning lights on the dash an d there
>is no sign of one being removed. It also has a
>tachometer in place of the normal 3 gauge instrument
>cluster. I can find no reference to the gauges being
>offered as an option and I can only assume that this
>was a special order. Can anyone enlighten me please?
>Rod Blair
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