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Dave Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jul 19 05:24:13 BST 2005

Hi Kent

Kent Kinard wrote:
> Paul Smith wrote:
>> I still Wonder how you get time to do the work on a fleet of Rovers and
>> pastor...


  > Aside from the music, I do everything here including some of the 
> and maintanence.  It's a very small congregation of cattle, sheep and 
> oil people and the banker is the only one that doesn't work sunup to 
> sundown. If I want something done, I have to do it myself.  Good folks 
> but hard to coral.  If they're not working, they're gone somewhere (it's 
> 42 miles to the grocery store) and if I want to visit, I usually just 
> tag along wherever they're going whether its to the pature or to put 
> some hours on a new engine in an airplane. There are two helicopters 
> among the church members, but I haven't been that brave yet.
> There are 1000 people in the county and six churches.  The county has 
> the highest percentage of church attendance of any county in the state 
> of Texas.  On any given Sunday 70 per cent of the people are in 
> church...but that's only 700 people divided among six churches and the 
> Baptists get more than their share.  I only know of three Democrats in 
> the whole county  and they are left over from Lyndon Johnson's time. 
> There was a fourth democrat, but he was the Presbyterian preacher and he 
> moved to Florida to teach them how to work their voting machines.  If 
> the Presbyterians can't find a Republican pastor, they may have to close.

Sterling City also boasts an amazingly detailed and well maintained website


Keep up the good work

Dave Read
South Oz

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