[ROVERNET - UK] Where to find SD1 LH track control arm or LH/RH track arm pair?

pj.info pj.info at bluewin.ch
Wed Jul 20 21:39:15 BST 2005

Dear Rovernetters

On passing the periodical technical check, everything was fine on my SD1 but I have been told that the LH track control arm is slightly over the slack tolerance, so that it would be fine to replace it. I tried to find it i.e. the LH/RH pair without success. The RH one does'nt seem to be an issue but the LH one doesn't seem to be available anymore (Switzerland, Germany, France, Rimmers, Holland Rover Club, etc...).

Does anybody know where I could get a new LH one or eventually the pair?
Here are the Part Numbers:
CRC1423 (LH track control arm), also GSJ219 ?, also GSJ1104 ?
CRC1424 (RH track control arm), also GSJ218 ?, also GSJ1103 ?

Thank you for your reply.
Best regards,

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